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Are you trying to get in touch with Waze customer service? If this is the case, you have come to the right place, here you will find updated contact information. You can use this info to contact Waze. Here you will find their phone number, Facebook, Twitter, email address, chat, website, and postal address.

About Waze

Waze, formerly FreeMap Israel, is a subsidiary company of Google that provides satellite navigation software on smartphones and other computers that support the Global Positioning System. Waze describes its app as a community-driven GPS navigation app, which provides turn-by-turn information and user-submitted travel times and route details. Waze won the "Best Overall Mobile App" award at the 2013 Mobile World Congress. As of June 2013, Waze had 50 million users worldwide. In May 2013, Waze was acquired by Google for a reported $1.3 billion, although the company has not disclosed the details of the transaction. Waze is available on Android, iOS, and Windows Phone platforms. The app uses a freemium business model and depends on user-generated content to provide traffic and road information, as well as user-submitted locations of interest, such as gas stations, parking lots, and police speed traps. The Waze client application runs on a mobile device and uses GPS to automatically detect the device's current position and allow the user to select their destination. Routes are calculated based on various factors, including road type, speed limit, traffic conditions, and obstacles. The app then provides turn-by-turn directions to the destination, as well as live maps and real-time traffic information. Waze also allows users to report traffic jams, accidents, speed cameras, and other hazards on the road. This information is then shared with other users in the area, who can then use this information to avoid traffic delays. In addition to providing turn-by-turn directions, Waze also allows users to find and connect with friends, as well as check in at locations. The app also includes a points system that rewards users for contributing to the community. Waze is available in over 30 countries and supports over 50 languages.

Customer Service Options:

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Waze – Phone

The company does not offer customer service via phone.

Waze – Website

Customer service, contact forms, FAQ and self service options on the Waze website: click here

Waze – Email

Contact Waze customer service by email: support@waze.com.

Waze – Facebook

Customer service on the official facebook page of Waze: click here

Waze – Twitter

Customer service on the official Twitter account of Waze: click here

Waze – Chat

– Chat is not offered as a contact option for customer service.

Waze – Address

Contact Waze customer service by mail: 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA, 94043 USA.

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