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About Better World Books

Better World Books is an American online bookseller of used and new books, founded in 2002 by students of the University of Notre Dame, Indiana. The for-profit social enterprise collects and sells books online to donate books or fund literacy initiatives worldwide. Through the work of its social venture, Better World Books has donated more than 29 million books and saved more than 700 million pounds of books from going into landfill. The company was ranked the No. 1 Green Business by Forbes Magazine in 2010, and the No. 2 Best Green Brand by Interbrand in 2013. In 2011, Fast Company ranked Better World Books as the sixth most innovative company in the world. The same year, CNNMoney ranked the company ninth on its list of the 50 Hottest Startups. As of 2016, Better World Books operated seven thrift bookstores and three warehouses, employed more than 400 people, and had reunited more than 20 million books with new readers. In May 2016, Better World Books announced that it would be acquired by Bridgepoint Education. The terms of the deal were not disclosed. Better World Books operates thrift bookstores in the United States and sells books online. It was ranked the No. 1 Green Business by Forbes in 2010 and the No. 2 "Best Green Brand" by Interbrand in 2013. As of 2016, Better World Books had reunited more than 20 million books with new readers.

Customer Service Options:

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Better World Books – Phone


Better World Books – Website

For customer service and self service options on the Better World Books website: click here

Better World Books – Email

Contact Better World Books customer service by email:

Better World Books – Facebook

The official facebook page of Better World Books: click here

Better World Books – Twitter

Customers can contact Better World Books on the company’s official Twitter account: click here

Better World Books – Chat

– The company does not provide customer service by chat.

Better World Books – Address

The postal mail address of Better World Books customer service / head office is: 55740 Currant Road, Mishawaka, IN 46545, USA.

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